TransPRK - Transepithelial PhotoRefractive Keratectomy

After TransPRK

Effect on Vision and Estimated Recovery Time

Immediately after the laser treatment, your vision will already be clearer than normal. However, your vision will be slightly blur over the next 3 to 4 days because the surface cells (Epithelium) will take some time to regenerate over the corneal surface which is not as smooth as before. A transparent thin contact lens is placed over the eye immediately after surgery to protect the cornea and speed up the recovery of these epithelial cells. Your vision will continue to improve in the following week and you should be able to see tremendous improvement by the end of this period.

Close-up of blue woman eye with contact lens applying

After one month, your vision will usually be excellent. The rapid natural healing and use of a thin protective contact lens creates an almost discomfort-free healing period.

Important Points to Note

halos_and_glare Dry Eye

Do note that there will be a short term increase in glare and halos, but this diminishes rapidly with time. Dry eyes are also temporary and minimal in nature. However, if your eyes were originally dry before the TransPRK surgery, they will still be dry after the surgery. Do remember that TransPRK is not a dry eye relieving surgery.

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