TransPRK - Transepithelial PhotoRefractive Keratectomy

No-Touch PRK Article by Roibeard O'hEineachain in Paris, Eurotimes

This is an article from the EuroTimes written by Roibeard O'hEineachain in Paris, about cTen (also known as TransPRK), and its advantages. cTen stands for Customised Trans-Epithelial No-touch, which represents the custom trans-epithelial all laser surface ablation, as in TransPRK.

A study of 40 myopic patients was carried out and presented by Dr Xiangjun Chen, MD, Oslo, Norway at the XXVIII Congress of the ESCRS. One group of patients underwent custom trans-epithelial ablation with iVIS-Suite 1000 Hz Laser (iVIS technologies), with de-epithelialisation integrated within Excimer laser ablation and the other group underwent PRK with WaveLight Allegretto 400 Hz Laser (Alcon) using an Amolis brush for de-epithelialisation.

Dr Chen concluded that the advantages of custom trans-epithelial no-touch custom ablation include "shorter surgery time, smaller de-epithelialisation area with faser re-epithelialisation, less pain and reduced risk of infection as a result."

Although different in name, both cTen and TransPRK are almost identical in every aspect and hence it would be expected that TransPRK would have the same results as the results obtained in the study mentioned above.

No-Touch PRK Article by Roibeard O'hEineachain in Paris, Eurotimes