TransPRK - Transepithelial PhotoRefractive Keratectomy

TransPRK Brochure by SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions

SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions is the specialist for refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery. The company develops, produces and markets a comprehensive product portfolio for the treatment of ametropia and corneal diseases. In more than fifty years of steady growth and development, the owner operated family enterprise has progressed from diagnostics technology supplier for ophthalmologic practices to technological leader in eye laser systems.

As of present, SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions provide the only Excimer lasers, such as the AMARIS 500S, 750S and the new 1050RS, that are able to perform TransPRK. This brochure was written by SCHWIND to explain the characteristics and advantages of TransPRK. It also mentions the effects of TransPRK on regular and irregular corneas.

TransPRK Brochure by SCHWIND Eye Tech Solutions